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Understanding Forces

G-force is a measurement of acceleration. 1 g is the acceleration we feel due to Earth’s gravity.

Devices can measure these forces in three dimensions using a sensor called an accelerometer.

With proper recording and calibration, the Ride Forces app can provide the following types of forces:

Force Types

Combined force adds the force from all directions into one value. It tells you the total force experienced but not its direction.

Directional force is a measurement of acceleration along a specific axis or direction. These help us understand forces in these three dimensions:

Lateral force acts in a side-to-side direction. It feels like you’re being pulled to your left or right. You’ll notice it during sharp turns.

Vertical force acts in an up-and-down direction. It feels like being pushed downwards into your seat or pulled upwards out of your seat.

Longitudinal force acts in forward and backward directions. You feel this when speeding up or braking.

Force Key

The force key illustrates what type of force you're viewing on a graph.

Solid arrows indicate the direction of positive force along each axis.

Broken arrows indicate the direction of negative force along each axis.