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Improving Accuracy Guide

Accurate Recordings

  • Keep your device in the same orientation for the whole ride.
  • Avoid causing any device movement during the ride.

Doing this helps to capture only the motion of the ride itself. Maintaining device orientation is important for calculating force types. Avoiding device movement prevents introducing forces that are not part of the ride.

With Your iPhone

  • Avoid placing your phone in loose pockets where it might move around during the ride.
  • Put your hand over your pocket to keep your phone in place if needed.
  • Your device could get pinned down by certain restraints depending on which pocket you use. That will keep your phone still, but can be uncomfortable or even damage your phone so try the test seat to see what works best for each ride.
  • Be vigilant on rough or intense rides which will have a higher chance of causing unwanted device movement.

With Your Apple Watch

Make sure your watch band is not too loose around your wrist.

Don’t hold your hands up or move your arms around during the ride.

Hold grab bars on restraints right after you start recording and hold that position for the whole ride.

If holding restraints is difficult try holding your arm across your chest.